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final blog

Dear first year students!
When the end of sth becomes visible, as usual people make short generalization of things they achieved. I won’t leap to conclusion when say, that this year was exhausting. Let’s make a brief summary of our achievements and reveal some tips, how to pass Vocabulary successfully.
Firstly, it’s needless to say, learning needs practice and all things come with practice and only practice makes perfect. So, be ready to burn the midnight oil, to have your nose in books and to crack a book always when you have spare time. It is not as easy as ABC to be a straight A student and sit all exams with flying colors.

Secondly, start to bottle up your emotions just now. Being vulnerable and pouring all out won’t bring you enormous benefits writing for eg. blogs ( bwriting blog give us a lesson, how important is to be persistent, determined and razor-sharp minded).
Show dedication to studying on every lesson. Don’t be absent-minded and panic- stricken. You must be thick- skinned, but don’t think skeptical about others. Don’t lose your temper and hit the roof. At any rate, try to create closer bond with your group mates. It may be useful J  Two heads are always better than one. In addition, you can never tell, when things went wrong and you will need a help.

In addition
to all this, I would like to emphasize, that you are only young once. 

Enjoy your life; think about your relatives, as blood is thicker than water.
Keep studying, and keep looking for yourself.

Be active and creative. Good luck!

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